Meet the Committee

Meet the Committee

Professor Michael Cooke sadly passed peacefully away on 6th November 2016.  He made very significant contributions within applications of environmental pollution, elucidation of metal complexes and determination of various pharmaceutical compound in biological fluids.  In his role as President of the Chromatographic Society (1994-1996) he successfully promoted and widened our scope.  To read more about his scientific achievements and personal tributes, please click here

Who? Role Additional Comments
Paul Ferguson   

Tony Edge

Vice President
Chair of Medals Committee

ISC Committee
Link to Reid Bioforum Group

Tony Taylor

Hon. Sec

Comms Tsar

Greg Jonas

Chair of John Dolphin Fellowships

Adrian Clarke

International Outreach Activities

Organiser of Clinical Analysis meeting
Summer Studentships
Alan Handley

Industry Liaison

Organiser of 'Advances in GC' series of meetings
Organiser of March meeting
Mel Euerby
UK Skill Base Champion

Karen Rome

Chair of Young Chromatographer Activities
Website and Multimedia Liaison
Student/Industrial Bursaries
Summer Studentships

Chris Bevan
Meetings coordinator
Organiser of Diamond Year Autumn Symposium
John Lough
Editorial Advisor
Peter Clayton
Membership and Benefits
Organiser of March meeting
Heather Linnell
ChromComm Editor
Vendor Link
Helen Poole
Meetings Front of House
Vendor Link
Peter Ridgway

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