The Society is an international organisation devoted to the promotion and dissemination of knowledge on all aspects of chromatography and related separation techniques. It was first established as the Gas Chromatography Discussion Group in 1956 with A.T. James as its chairman and D.H. Desty as secretary.

2016 is our 60th anniversary, as part of the celebration our president Dr Paul Ferguson speaks to The Column about the Past, Present and Future

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Professor Michael Cooke sadly passed peacefully away on 6th November 2016. He made very significant contributions within the applications of environmental pollution, elucidation of metal complexes and determination of various pharmaceutical compounds in biological fluids.  In his role as President of The Chromatographic Society (1994-1996) he successfully promoted and widened our scope.  To read more about his scientific achievements and personal tributes, please click here 

ChromSoc News
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    Martin Medal: Professor Ian Wilson and Professor Peter Myers
    Jubilee Medal: Professor Emily Hilder and Dr David Stevenson
  • Mar 14 at 11:13am
    Are available to provide support to doctoral researchers to present their work at a major overseas conference.
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    To support young separation scientists wishing to attend a meeting, a number of Student Bursaries are available.