Welcome to the Chromatographic Society

The Society is an international organisation devoted to the promotion and dissemination of knowledge on all aspects of chromatography and related separation techniques. It was first established as the Gas Chromatography Discussion Group in 1956 with A.T. James as its chairman and D.H. Desty as secretary.

Consequently, 2006 was the golden jubilee anniversary year for the Chromatographic Society and it is still going strong.
ChromSoc News
  • Aug 24 at 2:38am
    A one day meeting, titled 'Mass Dectection for the Chromatography Laboratory, Why and How' will be held at AstraZeneca in November.  Further details can be obtained from our 'Other Events' page.
  • Aug 24 at 2:23am
    The final circular for this meeting can be downloaded from our Events Page or by clicking here.
  • Aug 24 at 2:08am
    Details (program and registration) of our forthcoming October meeting 'Advances in GC 2015' are now available for downloading from our Events Page.
  • May 10 at 10:22pm
    This meeting is now full and no further registrations can be accepted..